Parkside is a place reflective of academic, social and emotional excellence. It continues to be a privilege to be affiliated with a school that cares so deeply about the children and their families.
— A Parkside Staff Member

Parkside also offers programs throughout the calendar year that support our students and our community.



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Each summer, we offer a six-week program in all of the grades we serve during the school year. We typically enroll between 60 and 65 children, most of them from our school year program.  Participation in this session helps children retain and deepen their learning, and it provides students with an important sense of consistency, which can help to ease the strain of the transitions inherent in the passing school years.

The summer program includes a classroom component, which is an extension of the academic program developed by each teacher during the school year. The atmosphere of the classrooms is more relaxed, though, and we maximize our local resources with many group trips and plenty of time outdoors.  We also continue all of our special offerings and related support services over the summer months.  To apply for summer session, please download our general application here.

After School

The Parkside School offers a variety of after school clubs throughout the academic school year. Parents are provided with a registration sheet, and a description of each club. The after school clubs range from sports activities, exploring technology, cooking, and dance with movement.  After school club sessions are held in fall, winter, spring, and summer, and vary by season. For questions, and to send inregistration forms, please contact Rachel Vannucci @

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PROfessional seminars

The Parkside Summer Institute for professional development is a series of workshops during the summer months, during which we offer special access to our unique Parkside methodologies.  We share the knowledge, research and training that enhances the educational experiences of children with language and learning difficulties.