The Science of Character: Developing Positive Learning Traits

In the last ten years psychologists have done a lot of research into the character qualities and strengths that help people feel happy and satisfied with their lives. There’s been a similar emphasis on the personality traits that help students succeed in school by remaining engaged and motivated to learn over an extended period of time. Traits like optimism, curiosity, social intelligence, and enthusiasm are just a few of the character traits that have shown to lead to satisfied lives.

Check out this post by Katrina Schwartz on KQED. It features an eight minute film by Tiffany Shlain and The Moxie Institute Films. It explores how people can strengthen good character traits by appreciating the positive qualities of others and oneself. It discusses the neuroscience behind a strong character, emphasizing that character is not a fixed quality, but rather something that can grow, change and ultimately improve happiness and satisfaction.

Click here for the post and video.