Students Initiate Recycling Education at School

Students Initiate Recycling Education at School

Wanting to learn more about how recycling actually works, a group of students over the summer asked to go on a field trip. With the help of Ms. White, one of Parkside’s Speech Therapists, they found the Sims Municipal Recycling Center in Sunset Park, where they got to explore the plant’s educational center, and visit the plant’s main recycling room. Their passion for recycling resulted in the creation of an educational video that is now being used to encourage recycling at school.

Historical Perspective: Parkside's Neo-Georgian Rowhouses

Historical Perspective: Parkside's Neo-Georgian Rowhouses

This summer Parkside is undergoing some work to repair the beautiful facades of our two buildings. Contractors are cleaning, repairing and re pointing the bricks, and have removed a number of the terra cotta elements that will be refurbished or replaced.

The work prompted us to look back at a 1996 article in The New York Times that gives a wonderful perspective about the history of our little piece of the Upper West Side. Parkside occupies #48 and #50 West 74th Street.

The 5-2 Plastic Debate

The 5-2 Plastic Debate

In March we found out that Ms. Miller wanted to ban plastic utensils from Parkside. It made some 5-2 students feel upset, surprised, happy, and even outraged! We realized that some students thought it was a good idea and some thought it was a bad idea. So, we decided to have a debate on the topic. It just so happens that we were also learning about persuasive writing in our classroom.

From Timid Mouse to Confident Lion

From Timid Mouse to Confident Lion

When my son, Daniel, entered the Parkside brownstone seven years ago he was timid as a mouse. When introduced to Ms. Miller during his interview, he fell to the ground like a rag doll. My heart skipped a beat, but instantly Ms. Miller dropped down next him. She said something sweet to him and next they ascended the stairwell together, hand in hand. This was the first of countless days when Daniel felt supported, took a risk, and gained new skills. Parkside has helped Daniel reach his greatest potential. He is leaving his beloved school next month confident as a lion.

A Message from Ms. Ament

A Message from Ms. Ament

The month of May is a busy and exciting time at Parkside. Rehearsals are underway for our upcoming production of Les Misérables, we’re conducting parent-teacher conferences, facilitating state testing in math and science, and planning for the Family Picnic, Arts Festival, and our Summer Institute. In my classroom on the fifth floor, the Class of 2019 is preparing for graduation and thinking about when they first walked through those red doors and how far they have all come. As they plan their graduation speeches there are giggles about remembering the baby chicks they raised when they were in first grade -- this is a favorite of so many of the children.

Parkside Parents Run to Support Our School

In less than two weeks on November 4, Dot Cates will run her 10th New York City Marathon. Dot’s son, Oliver, started at Parkside in 2014, and has grown into a more confident, happy, and social child due to the support our school is able to give him. It is Oliver’s progress at Parkside - addressing his struggles with expressive and receptive language, academic skills, attention, sensory integration, and self-care skills - that has inspired his Mom to dedicate her NYC Marathon experience to Parkside, and actively raise money for our school leading up to the marathon.

Dot is the third Parkside parent to run a race in support of our school this fall. Katie Holliday ran more than 435 miles training for the Chicago Marathon, before smiling across the finish line on October 7 in honor of her daughter, Emmy. And Lief Nielsen joined the effort by running the Brooklyn Greenway Half Marathon on October 14. Lief’s daughter, Sona, is one of Parkside’s newest students, already flourishing under the guidance of Parkside’s teachers and therapists.

Dot, Katie and Lief teamed up to raise money for Parkside because they have each been touched by the love and care our school provides for children with language-based learning challenges.

As Dot’s NYC Marathon run approaches, take a moment to learn more about what inspired these parents to lace up their running shoes, and consider supporting their campaign here.

Unexpected Connections at Japan Society

Rachel Kahn '00 & Yukako Yamazoe

Rachel Kahn '00 & Yukako Yamazoe

New York City is a big place, but it doesn’t stop our Parkside friends from connecting!

One of our current parents, Yukako Yamazoe, mother of Teru in Class 4-2, recently discovered that one of her coworkers at Japan Society is a Parkside alum! Rachel Kahn graduated Parkside in 2000, and works at Japan Society as a Visitor Services Assistant while she is completing coursework towards a Master of Library Science degree at Queens College!  

The two had the opportunity to catch up and learn about their shared connection to Parkside. Rachel loved her time at Parkside and misses it, and Teru was sure excited to hear that his mom, who is a Program Associate for Performing Arts at Japan Society, works with a Parkside alum! 

The Masters degree Rachel expects to complete next year will be her second! She previously earned a Master of Arts in Cinema Studies at San Francisco State University in the hopes of becoming a film librarian and archivist. She recently won the 2017 New York Library Association Dewey Scholarships, and will be attending their annual conference in November. 

In addition to her work at Japan Society, Rachel also works at the Queens College Rosenthal Art Library, and is assisting as an Archival Research Intern for the upcoming HBO series, "Random Acts of Flyness." 

Why We Give


Jake has always been a happy kid, but he always stayed back from the crowd when he was younger. He often avoided playing with friends or his brothers because he didn't have the words to interact. You could see that he just wasn't confident in these situations.  

Since coming to Parkside all of that has completely changed. Jake is still a happy boy, but now he has built confidence and skills that allow him to be part of larger groups. He interacts and plays with his peers, and his language has dramatically improved. He feels good about himself and what he can do, and he doesn't hesitate to get right "in it" with his brothers (3 kids vs. 2 parents!!!) 

What Parkside has given Jake and our family doesn't stop at language. Jake's academics are continuing to thrive, beyond what we could have imagined.  And he gets the opportunity to participate in fun activities like art, music, drama, and yoga - which he loves. He confidently participates in all sorts of family activities with us from skiing to visiting a cool NYC exhibit. 

The teachers and administration at Parkside are amazing and all this progress could not have happened without them. They get to know each student so well, and then care about what goes on not only inside of school, but outside of school as well, and do whatever they can to make sure each child thrives and is happy.  

Jake cant wait to jump on the bus each day and head to school, and that is why we choose to prioritize Parkside as the place we give. This school has done so much for our family, and we want to help fund Parkside's mission so they can continue to help Jake and others like him. 

Corinne & Michael Bilerman
Parents, Class 3-2

For information about making a gift to Parkside, CLICK HERE

We Feel Like We Won The Golden Ticket

Finding the right school for your child is a funny thing. It can be like an apartment or a significant other -- when you know, you KNOW.  The moment my husband and I walked into Parkside, we could envision our daughter Emmy climbing the spiral staircase to a classroom where she would be challenged but nurtured, and where she would learn and grow both socially and academically.

To say that her teachers and therapists understand Emmy is an understatement. At every annual team meeting, it never ceases to amaze me how well everyone at Parkside "gets" her. What motivates her, what frustrates her, what works to keep her engaged and encouraged -- everything at Parkside is individualized to help every child grow and learn how they grow and learn best.

So why give? Give because you have won the golden ticket. Your child, your grandchild, your friend's child -- they have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend The Parkside School, and you have the opportunity to pay it forward and give other children that same amazing opportunity.

We hope you will join us in supporting this very special school, with a gift during Giving Week.

Katie and Sam Holliday
Parents, Class 3-4

Parkside Celebrates 30 Years

The Parkside School community gathered on Thursday evening at Arena in celebration of the school's 30th anniversary. It was a night like no other! From Al Roker's remarks, to The Dance Cartel's performance, to the Parkside parents, alumni and friends dressed to the max in 80s/90s gear, a fun time was had by all. 

The event benefited new outdoor play and learning spaces for Parkside students, and thanks to the generosity of our benefactors and donors, raised more than $260,000 that will enable construction to begin on the third floor terrace within the next year. 

One of the highlights of the evening was the video above, produced by Craig Kabrhel and Melissa Gelade to commemorate this important milestone. 

The following slideshow, a look back at 30 Years of Parkside, was also shown at the event:

Many thanks to all who attended the event and gave in support of Parkside's 30th anniversary, and special thanks to Heidi Green of Heidi Green Photography for capturing the night for us!