Your Dollars at Work – New Directions in Social Studies

In 2015-2016, because of generous donations to our Annual Fund, Parkside embarked on a journey to expand our Social Studies curriculum to encourage experiential learning, opportunities for students to interact with living history in their local environment.  With the help of curriculum consultant Lisa Greenhut, an educator from The Museum of Natural History, a dynamic new curriculum was introduced. Topics included timelines and mapping, our American Flag, The Statue of Liberty, the history of New York City, Slavery, Founding Documents of American Democracy, Italy, and more - all with engaging classroom activities and resources, integrated technology experiences, and exciting field trips. Students have enjoyed this new and enriching curriculum as seen in the examples below:

 3-3 learned about the history and secrets of Grand Central Station, such as The Whispering Wall.  They got to see firsthand why Grand Central Station is one of the most incredible train stations in the world!

Class 4-1 created topographic maps of Italy and China using flour and paint, allowing for greater understanding of these distant lands!

5-2 students got to understand our founding fathers history in a unique way.  After learning how the colonies debated and determined the rules of our country, each student got to sign their own copy of The Constitution!

Our new Social Studies curriculum has been met with overwhelming praise by students, teachers, and parents.  And this would have not been possible without our donors.  Your dollars make a difference and directly impact our classrooms in a meaningful way!

Help make a difference!  Donate to the Annual Fund to help develop inspiring and engaging curriculum for our students at Parkside.