Parkside Alumni News

Over the past year, Parkside has heard from a number of our alumni. They've shared their adventures and accomplishments, and reflected on the impact Parkside had on their lives. We hope you enjoy reading these alumni "notes" below. 

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Alumni Class Notes


Colin Fiedorek ’91 writes to say that he is still out in California where he has a really cute dog, drives a 1980 Mercedes, and is having a lot of fun. He says, “I can never forget when I drew Max from Where the Wild Things Are on the chalkboard.”

Tariq Abdullah ’95 is currently finishing his last year at LaGuardia Community College. He is an officer in the Japan Club, and likes to travel, sight see, and make new friends.

Max Richardson ’95 is back in New York City after living in Maine for a few years. He works with animals, and is still friends with Matt Buchalter ’92.

Valerie Maclay ’96 received her Associate's Degree and is headed to Cal State as a junior in the fall!

Brian Haher ’98 first attended Parkside in 1991 when it was located on 100th Street. He writes to say, “Parkside taught me so many good things. I move to upstate New York, near Syracuse, in 2006, where we live on a farm with many fun animals. I joined the Boy Scouts and the Special Olympics. I have a job, and go to programs in the community. I deliver Meals on Wheels, go on trips, and bowl with my friends. I want to say HI to my old Parkside classmates, wherever they are.”


Maya Bachmann ’00 writes to say “I am currently working at two jobs -- one at our local movie theater which has a mission to employ young adults with disabilities, and one at a tack shop selling equine supplies which is great because I still love riding horses! I have been riding for 10 years. My current barn is M&G Farm in North Salem, NY.  Any other horse lovers out there?”

Rachel Kahn ’00 is a volunteer at the public library, but is looking forward to her next steps soon.

Rob Stewart '00

Rob Stewart '00

Rob Stewart ’00 is married, and he and his wife, Kate, have joined the Peace Corps. They are currently stationed in Morocco. Read his recent Parkside Alumni Spotlight article here.

Nathaniel Sapan ’05 graduated from Lowell High School and the Riverview School program in Cape Cod, and is currently attending Chapel Haven in Connecticut.

Lan Tagg ’05 graduated from Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, NY in 2012, and then attended Visa Vocational and Life Skills Center in Westbrook, CT where she graduated in 2015. Lan is now living in Westbrook, CT, volunteers with Meals on Wheels, and is enjoying life with her steady boyfriend.

Sophie Stoch ’06 is currently finishing her first year at Wheaton College in Massachusetts. She is interested in neuroscience, and will be doing an internship in the Molecular Imagery Lab at Sloan Kettering Cancer Care this summer.

Hannah Stoffer ’07 is a Junior majoring in Theater and Theater Tech at Dean College. She says, “It has been great to be at Parkside, but now that I am in college I can start thinking about what I can do within my major for a career in the future.”

Samuel Strongin ’08, a sophomore at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering, was recently offered an internship with Liberty Reach, a leading robotics company in Ann Arbor.

Armand Klisivitch '08

Armand Klisivitch '08

Armand Klisivitch ’08 is currently a sophomore at Casleton University, where he plays the bass drum in the Spartan Marching Band, and also played one year of club soccer. Last summer, he interned with the Rockland Boulers in Pomona, NY.

Paloma Kalisch ’09 is attending Borough of Manhattan Community College majoring in Animation.

Dante Panora's Graduation

Dante Panora's Graduation

Dante Panora ’09 currently attends Hunter College, where he is doing well as an Anthropology major. He graduated from Summit, where he made National Honor Society and received a scholarship award. He looks forward to visiting Parkside soon.  



Ian Parker ’10 is recently graduated from Summit High School!

Theodore Strongin ’10, a senior at Stuyvesant High School in New York, is currently involved in the college search process!

Una Albers ’11 is currently a junior at The Lowell School. She describes herself as a “morse code enthusiast and walking Titanic encyclopedia.” She likes crutches, and speaks Spanish and Japanese. She remembers her time at Parkside much better than her time in middle school, and has fond memories of Bring a Stuffed Animal to School Day. She also says she is still the #1 “The Dog Island” and Blue’s Clues fan!

Luisa Fernandes '11

Luisa Fernandes '11

Luisa Fernandes ’11 started high school at Mary McDowell Friends School this past fall. She writes, “I have continued changing since I was at Parkside. I remember things very well. I still dance ballet and added Broadway as well. I live by the thought ‘Embrace yourself for who you are,’ so I am very often happy and find positivity in everything. This summer I went the second time to Summit sleep away camp and made new friends, and I keep in touch with my old friends. Parkside taught me not to ask the same question over and over and to do stuff that was hard for me, like listening and following directions. I am really good at that now. This year is the first year that I go alone every day on the subway to school, which I am really excited about. Thank you Parkside, the teachers, the students,  the principals...and my parents.”

Marshall Richardson ’11 attends York Prep, where he is currently ranked #1 in his grade by GPA. He was a finalist in the NYSAIS track and field state championship for the 100 meter dash, and is the co-founder of a business startup club, where he is working on development a business plan to compete in a national competition.

Kai Burridge ’12 worked at Parkside last summer, helping out in the Gym. He said, “This summer was great! Playing with the kids was a lot of fun. Getting to know them as a great experience as well. I’d love to do it again!”

Zachary Hine ’12 is currently attending Bronx Science.

Katie Halloran ’13 writes to say, “This year I graduated middle school and in September I’m going to be a freshman in high school. I also have a three year old dog named Lucy.”

Tatum Unterberg ’13 is current attending the Summit High School in Queens.

Ava Ellis ’15 is currently a 7th grader at The Summit School.

Adriana Robb ’16 sends greetings and good luck to her Class of 2016 fellow graduates in the new school year.