Why We Give


Jake has always been a happy kid, but he always stayed back from the crowd when he was younger. He often avoided playing with friends or his brothers because he didn't have the words to interact. You could see that he just wasn't confident in these situations.  

Since coming to Parkside all of that has completely changed. Jake is still a happy boy, but now he has built confidence and skills that allow him to be part of larger groups. He interacts and plays with his peers, and his language has dramatically improved. He feels good about himself and what he can do, and he doesn't hesitate to get right "in it" with his brothers (3 kids vs. 2 parents!!!) 

What Parkside has given Jake and our family doesn't stop at language. Jake's academics are continuing to thrive, beyond what we could have imagined.  And he gets the opportunity to participate in fun activities like art, music, drama, and yoga - which he loves. He confidently participates in all sorts of family activities with us from skiing to visiting a cool NYC exhibit. 

The teachers and administration at Parkside are amazing and all this progress could not have happened without them. They get to know each student so well, and then care about what goes on not only inside of school, but outside of school as well, and do whatever they can to make sure each child thrives and is happy.  

Jake cant wait to jump on the bus each day and head to school, and that is why we choose to prioritize Parkside as the place we give. This school has done so much for our family, and we want to help fund Parkside's mission so they can continue to help Jake and others like him. 

Corinne & Michael Bilerman
Parents, Class 3-2

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