Why I Give

By Melissa Gelade

Every day I feel lucky that my son William goes to Parkside. William is a funny, smart, loving, happy and in many ways a complicated little boy. He needs to be at a school where the directors, teachers, therapists, and staff not only recognize, but understand his strengths and challenges, are attuned to his feelings and appreciate him for his unique self. A place where he can feel part of a community and develop an identity. Parkside gives him all of these things and more. 

The progress and gains he has made since starting last year are tremendous. And I see the great steps and progress the other children in his class have made, and feel grateful for all of us. I truly believe that these years at Parkside will have a formative impact on my son emotionally, socially, intellectually – they will help him be the best person he can be. Friends and family members who see William comment on how he’s a different child than he was a few years ago. He’s more social now, more talkative and expressive, better able to cope with his emotions, more flexible and willing to try new things. So many positive changes in every respect.

The patience, understanding, compassion, and commitment exemplified by every staff member at Parkside is unparalleled and worth more than any dollar amount.

For all these reasons, for all these ways that Parkside gives to William and to us – this is why I give by being part of the Parent Association, volunteering whenever I can, and contributing to the Annual Fund. My husband and I always say that if we had a million dollars to give, we would give it to Parkside without a second thought. I know you would too.