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The Parkside School welcomes elementary school children from diverse ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds who have a range of language based learning difficulties. We serve the whole child by offering a thoughtfully designed, comprehensive array of academic and support services.

Our son has transformed into a different boy since he first walked through Parkside’s red doors five years ago. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for the miracles you perform every day.
— A Parkside Father & Mother

Our goal is to enable our students to pursue learning in their areas of strength, to acquire tools and strategies to progress in their areas of challenge, and to develop respect and understanding for themselves and others.


Our "Whole Child" Approach

At Parkside we strive to identify each child's unique learning style and then nurture their capacity to learn through our program of interdisciplinary teaching, individualized attention and collaborative problem solving.

We offer a rich program including a full academic regimen; extensive exposure and practice in the arts; experiences with movement and physical education; as well as therapeutic services in speech and language, occupational therapy, and counseling —all sharing a common connection to our understanding of your child.

Our small class size (8-9 students per class) and high teacher-student ratio (4:1) allows us to know each student and every family. It also enables us to tailor our program in highly personalized ways. We set out to discover each individual’s learning style and needs —then, we design our program to carefully bring out the best in your child.

Teamwork, cooperation and care for each other are hallmarks of our approach that can be seen throughout the school —from group classroom projects among students to ongoing,  interdisciplinary team meetings for staff.  Our staff meets frequently to reflect on and refine our practice. 

OUR Culture

  • Discover each student’s best context for learning to enhance their generalization of skills.
  • Design a highly individualized and interdisciplinary program —tailored to your child’s strengths and flexible when change is needed or progress is achieved.
  • Provide a safe environment where children openly express themselves without fear of criticism —building self esteem to take risks that advance learning.
  • Foster a classroom experience where everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student.


  • Maximize learning opportunities by researching, developing, and adapting innovative teaching techniques along with the curricula into our 12-month program.
  • Establish partnerships with parents that strengthen our connection to your child and family.
  • Inspire and nurture a dynamic, supportive and collaborative culture for our professional staff to thrive in.
  • Be change agents in the education community by sharing our experience and expertise with other educators.