Parental involvement is an integral part of the educational program for each of our students.  We work hard to establish partnerships and we have several avenues for creating family-school connections.  Families are also invited to meet with our staff formally and informally on a frequent basis. We offer parents individual conferences with classroom teachers three times each year, one of which, at their option, may be with the entire team of professionals working with their child.

We offer parents workshops and regular support groups facilitated by our Social Work Department that strengthen ties not just between families and the school, but also among families who are able to provide invaluable support for one another.  School-wide gatherings such as the Arts Festival, the Achievement Ceremony, the Family Picnic, the Spring Auction and regular assemblies to showcase student performances are organized each year.

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The Parents Association

The Parkside Parents Association offers parents various ways to get involved in their child’s school. The PA is led by a committee of dedicated parent volunteers and has three main objectives: to create an engaged, active and social parent community; to support the school fundraising efforts; and to show appreciation for the teachers and staff.

The PA acts as a resource to support the growing community of parents who have children with developmental differences, and through a variety of fundraising initiatives including the annual Spring Benefit, augments the dollars needed to provide a rich and comprehensive program for every Parkside child.

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