Like ripples in a pond when you throw a stone in it, the work that Parkside has done has had an enormous effect not just on its students. Parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends have all benefited from the Parkside magic.
— A Parkside Dad

Every student at Parkside participates in both adaptive physical education and yoga. Together, these programs further serve the whole child and provide an opportunity for your child to move and strengthen their bodies every school day.

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The focus of the physical education program is to develop fundamental gross-motor skills (such as jumping, skipping, throwing, catching, and kicking) and then to integrate those skills into a noncompetitive sports-oriented setting.


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The yoga program teaches students to be aware of personal control and how to regulate their bodies.  Students improve breathing control, learn to decrease body tension and they discover their physical boundaries.  In this way, yoga complements our work in language therapy and counseling.  Our movement program continues in the classrooms and in the music and drama room. Throughout the school, teachers make extensive use of guided movement routines and exercises, incorporating breathing and movements from yoga.  The work of our Occupational Therapy team extends, informs and focuses all of these efforts for your child's benefit.