The Parkside School is dynamic, engaged and diverse community of students, parents, teachers, therapists, specialists, friends, and alumni who share in a common bond. 

With more than 80 children enrolled in 10 classrooms, a robust summer program serving more than 60 children, a professional staff of 55, and an active community of parents, alumni, friends and professional colleagues, we are a family inspired by the children we support each and every day.

I will never ever forget the friends and teachers who guided me and many others to success
and to become who we are today.
~E. Adler, Student


The stars of our school are, of course, the children. Parkside students are between the ages of five and eleven. They are grouped into ten classrooms with either eight or nine peers.  In these closer-knit environments, your children assume roles of responsibility and leadership.  From this, they develop an ability to care for each other, share duties and function as a team.

All of our students have special learning needs due to delays in language development.  Parkside staff works closely with the New York City Department of Education, as well as other organizations and schools, to identify and enroll children whose challenges cannot be addressed in the city’s public schools. New York State funds a portion of the cost of educating most of our students, because our program fills this need.