I will never ever forget the friends and teachers who guided me and many others to success
and to become who we are today.
~E. Adler, Student

The Parkside School has grown into a large, dynamic, and diverse community.  Our student body is made up of more than 80 children enrolled in 10 classrooms with up to 9 peers. During the summer months there are 60 children who attend.  Our professional staff is comprised of 55 teachers, therapists, specialists and administrators. The Parkside parent body has become a rich and active network of families actively involved in their child's education and the school activities.  Our alumni maintain close and lively connections to the school and to each other. In addition we have an inspiring, perpetual presence of student-teachers and interns, expert consultants, speakers, workshop presenters and classroom guests as well as many community partnerships.

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Your Children - Our Students

The stars of our school are, of course, the children.  Parkside students are between the ages of five and eleven.  They are grouped into ten classrooms with either eight or nine peers.  In these closer-knit environments, your children assume roles of responsibility and leadership.  From this, they develop an ability to care for each other, share duties and function as a team.

All of our students have special learning needs due to delays in language development.  Parkside staff works closely with the New York City Department of Education, as well as other organizations and schools, to identify and enroll children whose challenges cannot be addressed in the city’s public schools. New York State funds a portion of the cost of educating most of our students, because our program fills this need.

Our Alumni

Over the course of the past two decades, our alumni body has been growing steadily —and not just in number.  Graduates stay closely connected with us (and to each other) in many ways.  Toward the end of each school year, our oldest students reach out to recent graduates with a questionnaire about their post Parkside experiences.  The combination of questions, ideas and responses help guide our graduating class to their next school experiences.

Each year, the Parkside School organizes several events for alumni students, including a party for our “18 and under”, as well as hosting a fun evening event for our graduates over the age of 18.  Our Counselor-In-Training program brings alumni back to our classrooms as teachers and mentors to help students in our summer program.  The alumni chosen for this program receive work experience and training while they learn to become role models.

To share your news with Parkside to be included in our publications, or to update your contact information to ensure you receive alumni event invitations, use the following link.

Our Families

Parental involvement is an integral part of the educational program for each of our students.  We work hard to establish partnerships and we have several avenues for creating family-school connections.  Families are also invited to meet with our staff formally and informally on a frequent basis. We offer parents individual conferences with classroom teachers three times each year, one of which, at their option, may be with the entire team of professionals working with their child.

We offer parents workshops and regular support groups facilitated by our Social Work Department that strengthen ties not just between families and the school, but also among families who are able to provide invaluable support for one another.  School-wide gatherings such as the Arts Festival, the Achievement Ceremony, the Family Picnic, the Spring Auction and regular assemblies to showcase student performances are organized each year.

Our Staff

One of our school’s priorities is to provide time and opportunities to enable staff to connect and work together.  Small study groups, team meetings, staff development workshops, regular school-wide and department-specific meetings all help to develop our staff into a dynamic and cooperative team. Each member of the Parkside professional staff is certified by New York State in their respective fields.  They each bring specific training, skills, experience and expertise to the task of creating an interdisciplinary and integrated plan for your child in the our school. The Parkside teaching staff consists of:

Twenty five head and assistant teachers
Six specialists in: 
art, music, library, adaptive physical education, yoga and drama 

Five social workers
Five speech and language therapists
Four occupational therapists






The Parkside Parent Association offers parents various ways to get involved in their child’s school and their purpose is three-fold: to educate, to support and to fundraise in support of our school.

In a unique collaboration with Parkside’s Social Work Department, a portion of every PA meeting is devoted to an educational mini-workshop on topics such as: holiday anxiety and stress, relationships with typically-developing peers, transitions and new experiences or other.

The PA also acts as a resource to support the growing community of parents who have children with developmental differences.  And finally, through fundraising, the PA helps to augment the dollars needed to provide a rich and comprehensive program for every Parkside child.

Informal informational meetings, with coffee and chat, are hosted eight times throughout the school year at 8:30 AM followed by a general business discussion and report from the School Directors and the Director of Development. The PA also plans and sponsors numerous committees that offer parents a variety of ways to become involved in school events and activities.  If you have any questions, e-mail us at pa@parksideschool.org.

Amy McDaid - PA President
Katie Holliday - PA Vice President

Karen Rabinowicz - Treasurer


Mr. Alan Pearson - President
Ms. Albina R. Miller - Vice President
Mr. Brook Cuddy - Treasurer
Ms. Patricia Godoy - Secretary
Ms. Vita Miller - Emerita
Ms. Donna Assumma    
Mr. Thomas B. Casey III    
Ms. Adria De Landri
Mr. Peter Halloran    
Mr. Ray Spitzley    
Mr. Peter Ticali    
Ms. Leslie Thorne

Ms. Caroline Visceglia
Mr. Matt Warburton