Planned Giving

There may be a no more meaningful gift than that made through a bequest or legacy because these gifts, representing a lifetime of experience, embody a testament to one’s deepest beliefs, concerns and affections.

Donors help secure the long-term financial health of The Parkside School through gifts that come in the future or over a period of years. Often, planned gifts may allow you to make a larger gift to Parkside than you thought possible. There are many kinds of planned gifts all of which offer significant tax benefits to the donor.

Founder's Society

Membership in the Founders Society is reserved for individuals who have made a provision for The Parkside School in their estate plans. The Society seeks to ensure the future excellence of a Parkside education through support of the endowment.  Once you have completed your estate plan, please let us know, so that we may appropriately thank you and acknowledge your commitment to Parkside’s future in our annual publications.  Download our Planned Giving Declaration of Intent form.


Assets transferred through a donor’s estate. Any asset may be given in this way, though we most commonly receive cash gifts set out in the donor’s will. Other bequests include the proceeds of life insurance policies and retirement plans.

Life Income Gift

Establishing a Charitable Remainder Trust is one way for a donor to make a gift that will benefit the School in the future while providing tax benefits and income for the donor immediately and over time.

Charitable lead Trust

With this gift, a donor removes specified assets from his or her estate, receives immediate tax savings and provides the School income from those assets for a period of years. At the end of the gift period, the assets may be returned to the donor or, tax free, to a third party. Parents and grandparents find the charitable lead trust an excellent way to provide for a future generation while accomplishing good work today and decreasing their likely estate taxes.

For more information on making a planned gift, contact Anthony Kapp, Director of Development, at 212-721-8888 x153 or