Four years ago our son was a very timid and cautious artist. He was cognizant of his limitations, too hard on himself and afraid to explore. Under your guidance, he has flourished and now tells me that art is his favorite subject. You have made a huge impact on a child - what a gift!
— A Parkside Mother

Parkside's philosophy toward educating the whole child includes a strong program in the arts. Students experience structured classes where they learn important skills and an appreciation for visual, musical, dramatic, and literary forms of communication. 


Visual Art

The Parkside art program gives our students wide exposure to the principles, methods and materials of studio art.  Students explore elements of the artist’s craft, as well as the history of arts around the world.  Our art projects are structured to give children guided instruction in particular principles and to also allow students ample amounts of freedom for open-ended creation and individual expression. Lessons that the students undertake in the art room are very often tied to the curriculum they are experiencing in their other classrooms.  For example, a study of ancient civilizations might lead to an exploration of cave drawings and a study of Chinese culture might launch an investigation of scroll painting or block printing.



The Parkside music program gives students a wide-reaching exposure to musical styles, techniques and principles from around the world.  Our teachers select songs and dances to create a safe and supportive environment in which a love of music can develop.  Students learn musical terms and concepts and, most importantly, they learn the appreciation of music.  Music also serves a wider role in fostering school community through student participation in weekly assemblies.  Here they perform and share with others the musical material they have been practicing in music classes. When possible, classroom curricula and themes are integrated into the music program.



The Parkside drama program provides an opportunity for your child to further develop social experiences as they learn how to interpret social behaviors. There are four main objectives we strive to achieve in our Drama program that are fundamental to help children burnish their social self-esteem.  At Parkside Drama we facilitate group interaction and cooperation which encourages spontaneity and imagination.  This engagement stimulates and refines communication and retention skill —all while your child is developing body and space awareness.

Once children enter the world of make-believe, they can act out roles, adopt personalities, explore relationships and find ways to express their physical and creative abilities in a non-competitive atmosphere.  By developing imaginary situations and acting out imaginary roles, children can escape from seemingly restricting limitations of everyday reality.  In drama your child can earn respect, build their self-esteem and be appreciated for their individuality.